Elite Dustless Wood Sanding Services in Essex & Sussex

Dustless Wood Sanding

Powerdean are leading the way in dustless wood floor sanding and finishing in Essex and Sussex. We are able to sand and refurbish any type of wood including oak, pine, bamboo, walnut and parquet and remove years of dirt, old oils, seals and dressings as well as the majority of damage and scratches.

We strive to be the very best in every job we undertake, from quotation to the finished product, and with state of the art professional heavy duty machinery, hand tools and products from some of the UK’s leading suppliers, you can be sure that Powerdean will fully refurbish your flooring back to it’s former glory, and offer a level of protection to assist in keeping it looking great.

From quotation through to the final results, we'll be in constant contact with you discussing everything throughout the process, we always aim to understand exactly what YOU want from YOUR floor and deliver those results.

Dustless Sanding

Over time, wood floors get worn, scratched, chipped and begin to show wear patterns through every day use. It’s unavoidable unfortunately. Using our industrial, state of the art machinery we’ll remove previous lacquers, oils and stains, then gently sand back a small layer of wood to remove imperfections like scratches and chips to leave a beautifully smooth sanded surface of fresh wood. For the edges of the room we’ll use high end hand machinery to achieve the very best finish in all areas of the room.

The level of dust created is controlled via high powered vacuums and specialist equipment removing the dust particles from the floor and stopping it from being kicked up into the air.

Wood Floor Finishing

Once your wood floor has been professionally sanded back and had any surface treatments removed, we’ll then apply a new finish, selected by yourself, to really set your wood floor off. We’ll discuss your finishing options with you and make sure to offer you the very best guidance for your lifestyle.

We have a selection of various finishes from a clear oil which soaks deep into the wood and lifts the grain for a rich high end appearance, domestic and commercial grade lacquers to offer your floor the best protection from water and oil based stains as well as every day wear and tear. If you really want to change the appearance of your wood flooring because you’ve just redecorated in a different colour then we have a range of coloured stains which can be applied prior to the lacquer and will vastly alter the appearance of your wood floor.

Work Surfaces & Tables

We’re often asked if we can refurbish table tops and kitchen work surfaces. This is something we really enjoy doing! Again, using professional sanding hand machinery, we’ll strip back old layers of oils or lacquers, sand down the level of wood to remove scratches, chips and any other imperfections and then apply a finish, selected by you to restore your table or kitchen work top to its former glory.

Filling & Repairs

Loose parquet finger? Loose board? Gaps need filling? We can repair those and even have close relationships with some of the best carpenters in Essex to call in if required. We will discuss these options with you when we survey your flooring at the quotation phase.


We are fully accredited, the area's only DCA registered cleaning company and the area's only Approved Members of the TileMaster Network

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