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Essex is fast becoming a hot bed for property rentals and it's imperative that you can provide an inventory to your client/tenant that gives everyone involved in the arrangement with piece of mind. Powerdean Inventories maintain a highly professional level of service throughout all commissions, with fees set at a very competitive level. We have over 10 years experience in the rental sector and are fully insured. Give us a call to find out how Powerdean Inventories can help you.

Powerdean Inventories offer the following services: Inventory / Check In /Check Out / Interim Inspections

Why use us?

The Inventory

The inventory is a fully detailed description of a property specifying condition and content. The Inventory describes fixtures, fittings and décor of every room in the property, commencing at the front entrance and including garage and any outhouses. Photos taken at the time of Inventory are date and time stamped and stored on Powerdean Inventories computer system. They can be made available in cases of dispute to help resolve issues between Tenants and Landlords.

Powerdean Inventories endeavour to provide the quickest possible turn around. Documents are usually completed and sent out within 24 hours but are usually returned much quicker and normally by the end of the same working day. Inventories are returned as a PDF email attachment, but requests specific to individual agents can be catered for.

All items of upholstered furniture left in a property are checked to ensure compliance with FFR Labelling – The Furniture and Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) Regulations. Any furnishing that does not comply is bought to the attention of the landlord or agent for their action.

The Check In

The Check In is the process of handover of a property to a Tenant. Powerdean Inventories staff meet with the Tenant at the property at a pre-agreed time and review with the tenant the content of the Inventory to ensure accuracy. Additional notes can be added to the inventory or amendments agreed by both parties. Meter readings are taken and noted, as is a list of keys handed over. Finally, both parties sign the declaration page as a true reflection of content and condition at the time the Tenancy begins.

As part of the Check In process, Powerdean Inventories will include a copy of the Gas Safety Certificate and the PAT test certificate (where an electricity safety check has been carried out) in the Check In documentation.

The Check Out

The Check-Out results in a report on the condition of the property, and contents where applicable. Carried out at the end of the Tenancy, it provides a comparison to the original Inventory report as agreed at Check-In, taking into consideration fair wear and tear.

Powerdean Inventories staff meet the Tenant at the property at an agreed time, inspecting each room against the inventory and making notes as required. Suggested responsibility for any change of condition is given. The Landlord, Agent and Tenant then have a document on which to base negotiations regarding liability for any damage that occurred during the tenancy. Please note the independent nature of Powerdean Inventories at the time of the Check Out and the unbiased nature of documentation produced.

Final meter readings are taken, the forwarding address for the tenant obtained and keys are reclaimed. On completion of the Check-Out, the property is locked and no further entry can be made by the Tenant.

Interim Inspections

Powerdean Inventories carry out Inspections according to the requirements of the Landlord or the Landlords agent. The standard is for Inspections on a Quarterly basis, however, in the case where there is reason to believe a property is being well cared for, a six monthly Inspection period may be more appropriate. The Inspection is always arranged in advance with the Tenant. The property is inspected against the Inventory and the condition as at Inspection time noted. Inspections are used to provide early warning of a Tenant that is not taking good care of a property. Photos are taken for illustrative purposes with a report sent by email. Based on the report content, the Landlord or Agent may choose to take some action to protect their investment.

Powerdean Inventories can provide an inspection service as a package, which is particularly useful for letting agents managing large portfolios with a wide geographic spread.  Powerdean Inventories manage the entire process, organising the schedule of visits on a quarterly or six monthly basis as required. The agent needs only provide and maintain a complete list of properties, locations and contact details for the Tenants. Reports are sent to the agent on the properties inspected, with highlights where specific attention needs to be made to a particular property. All correspondence will be through email, to ensure costs are kept to a minimum. Powerdean Inventories also produce Management Information on a regular basis, on the number of Properties inspected by month and rolling plans for the next periods.


We are fully accredited, the area's only DCA registered cleaning company and the area's only Approved Members of the TileMaster Network

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