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Professional Carpet Cleaning

Our eco-friendly and cruelty free carpet cleaning is leading the way in professional carpet cleaning in Essex. Using state of the art equipment, efficient eco-friendly and cruelty-free products and the very best drying times, Powerdean Carpet Cleaning offer a friendly, reliable, honest and professional service at an affordable price regardless of which branch you use.

There are many ways to professionally and safely clean a carpet, the cleaning process will largely depend on the type of carpet and type/amount of soiling present within the pile of the carpet. The technique and system used to clean your carpets will be ascertained only after a thorough inspection to make sure they are cleaned to their full potential, safely and efficiently.

Your carpet and your health are our main priorities so you can be assured that whatever cleaning process we decide to use, your carpets will be cleaned to their maximum potential and you, your children and your pets won't suffer any ill side effects and you'll be able to walk on them straight away.

We pride ourselves on offering a complete service and offer furniture removal/moving to all our customers, so all you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy your freshly cleaned carpets. We never cut corners during the cleaning process so you can be sure that your carpets will be looked after and cleaned to the best of our abilities using the best equipment available.

Anyone can buy themselves a carpet cleaning machine and call themselves a "professional" but here at Powerdean Carpet Cleaning, we're true professionals. 

State of the art equipment, trained and qualified with the NCCA (National Carpet Cleaners Association), the only recognised trade association dedicated to the cleaning, restoration and protections of carpets, hard flooring and soft furnishings. Members of the NCCA are required to abide by the Association’s Code of Practice, which covers such specifics as fair pricing, service, complaints procedures, liability and consumer protection, and is designed to ensure customer satisfaction at all times. All members are expected to provide a fair deal for their customers, summed up by the NCCA motto, “Service with integrity”.

Rinse Extraction

With our state of the art industrial rinse extraction machinery, slow drying times are a thing of the past. Carpets that are left damp for extended periods of time can and will suffer from mould which in turn will destroy the carpet and cause untold health risks. Rinse extraction is the most common form of carpet cleaning in the UK, our technicians are fully trained to carry out extraction cleaning to an elite standard on YOUR carpets. Full preparation of YOUR carpets is meticulously carried out via dry soil extraction, any heavily soiled areas are pre-treated to ensure that the rinse extraction process is as successful as possible. It isn't uncommon in favourable weather conditions for carpets to be touch dry within an hour of completion.

The video to the left shows our extensive and thorough rinse extraction process. We don't cut corners and never rush to finish jobs. We take great care to clean your carpets to the best possible standard and always offer the very best customer service from start to finish.

Dry Cleaning

If it is determined that YOUR carpet may be sensitive to moisture i.e. Viscose, Seagrass or Sisal, then rinse extraction may not be a viable option, our technicians will ascertain this through a thorough survey of your carpet, pre clean. Once the full preparation of YOUR carpet is carried out, our dry carpet cleaning system uses environmentally friendly, bio-degradable sponges which are gently agitated into the pile of the carpet and draw out the soiling. The sponges are then removed via a dry extraction process (vacuuming) leaving your carpet dry, clean and under no threat from moisture. 

Another 'low moisture' technique we can utilise, again, decided upon only AFTER thorough inspection of YOUR carpet utilises eco-friendly and cruelty free products and a rotary carpet cleaning machine with special bonneting pads attached, to safely and efficiently clean the carpet and collect the solution in the process. This process is more common in the commercial environment but can also be used domestically should the situation call for it. 

Low moisture carpet cleaning is a method that should only be undertaken by professionals with the correct training as carpets can quickly be ruined if cleaned incorrectly or if excess moisture is used. Call us today to discuss how we can assist you with this unique and expert form of carpet cleaning.

Stain Protection

Want to have peace of mind about your new investment or after one of our elite cleans? We can also offer carpet protection with our ground breaking, eco-friendly & cruelty free protection solution. After protecting, regular vacuum cleaning and quick attention to any issues using Powerdean's Spot Removal spray, will keep your carpet looking it's best for longer.

Advantages of using our stain protector:

  • Eco-friendly & Cruelty free, invisible, odourless, non-allergenic and safe for your pets
  • Makes regular vacuuming more effective
  • Keeps your carpets & upholstery looking their best for longer
  • Prolongs the life of your carpets and upholstery
  • Effectively repels water, oils and soil
  • Reduces static build up

Reapplication is required, usually every 5 years although high traffic areas and commonly used seating areas may require a "top up" every 18 months. Please speak to your technician when carrying out your regular clean and they will be happy to assist.

Protection isn't possible on some types of carpet so please contact us for more information or to arrange a free survey visit.


Common with end of tenancy carpet cleans for letting agents around Essex and Sussex, we're often asked if we can clean the carpets to our usual high standards and also apply insecticide where required if an infestation is present in any of the carpets. This is an additional service which Powerdean Carpet Cleaning offers, whether it's an end of tenancy clean, a regular annual clean or as a stand alone call out. It's imperative that any infestations are treated as soon as possible to remove all signs of the insects. If left for too long the eggs hatch and the infestation grows, the infestation could infest soft furnishings like armchairs and sofa's but also woodwork and clothing. Eventually you'll have no choice but to replace the infested items which could cost a substantial amount of money.

Fleas, moths, beetles and flies can be bought in by animals or the most popular cause, second hand furniture. Normally they will nest and lay eggs in various areas near food sources, underneath and in the pile of your carpet. Regular carpet cleaning can and will help keep the nasties away however infestations can occur where a stronger insecticide is required. Pesticide treatment should only be applied by a trained professional wearing the correct protective clothing and equipment.​ 

If you're concerned that you may have an infestation, please contact Powerdean Carpet Cleaning or speak to your technician during your clean to find out how we can help you. If you're unaware of any issues, these should come to light during the pre clean survey where we will offer you the option of treatment.


We are fully accredited, the area's only DCA registered cleaning company and the area's only Approved Members of the TileMaster Network

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"Excellent service from quote to finish product. Highly recommended it’s given our carpet a new lease of life. Thank you very much."

Mr Nicola

Tiptree - February 2018

"Chris came to clean my mum's carpets, both her and I were impressed with his professional manner, he gave great carpet care advice and the final result after the clean was amazing. Will use again and will recommend to anyone needing their carpets cleaned and cared for."

Mrs Hughes

Hatfield Peverel - July 2017

"Powerdean are a really thorough and reliable group of very hard workers who will clean to your specifications and needs. They have been cleaning for me for over a year now and I'm very happy with their work. I highly recommend them."

Mrs Waite

Tiptree - March 2017

"Reliable, accommodating, efficient and trustworthy. Would highly recommend."

Mrs Heron

Great Totham - July 2017